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Member-owned and member-run

Kelly Greens Golf & Country Club is a Florida governed not-for-profit corporation called Kelly Greens Master Association Inc. Every person or entity who owns one of the 939 Lots or Units within Kelly Greens is a member of this association. This association is managed by an elected Board of Directors comprised of owners.

Kelly Greens is a “Bundled” golf community, which means golf club membership is included or “bundled” with the home purchase. All homeowners in the community are members of the club and are required to pay annual club membership dues, called a Master Home Owners Association (HOA) Fee. At Kelly Greens these dues cover maintenance of the roads, fiber-optic connection to each home, common grounds and facilities, golf fees and access to the club’s amenities such as tennis, the main pool, fitness center, and clubhouse. In addition to the ongoing annual dues when purchasing a home in Kelly Greens there is a minimal upfront joining fee of $7,250 at closing, which supports capital improvements.

Members of the association (owners) can also participate in a variety of committees that support the Board of Directors.


Kelly Greens is a private bundled golf and tennis country club community with a dedicated management team, professional staff and friendly members. The club provides facilities, amenities and events that support an active, casual, enjoyable, and healthy lifestyle. An ideal location and strong financial history add to its attractiveness.



Kelly Greens will continue to improve and add relevant amenities and preeminent services that help promote the wellness and enjoyment of its members. The club will also protect its infrastructure and maintain its strong financial position. These actions will benefit members and grow the value of their investments. By 2025, Kelly Greens will be the preferred bundled community in Lee County evidenced by the growth of its property values.



Act with honesty and integrity in all we do. Treat all with dignity, respect, compassion, and friendliness. Demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Strive for continuous improvement in quality and value.

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